hot town, summer in the city

90 billion degrees. That's what it has felt like for the past two days. Huron Street and a few other streets in GP are getting torn up and repaved. Our street has a lot of potholes, so this will make riding our bikes a little smoother. We're still working on getting everything ready for storage. We are 70% packed up. Now we need to figure out what can be tucked away or thrown away. We reorganized under the bed and Max had a great time climbing the vertical mattress. He really tapped into his urban jungle roots.

On Monday we had our last dinner with Louise before she moves back to Sydney. It's been great having her in town and we really hope to be able to visit her in Australia in the future.

Cara is leaving SMP for an exciting opportunity at Simon & Schuster. Congratulations! I stopped by her going away party last night and saw lots of friends and had some very tasty white wine sangria. Olga is also leaving SMP to move back to Croatia. She and her husband are going to spend the rest of their summer swimming in the sea and setting up their new place. Sounds amazing. Afterwards, I headed uptown to visit Josephine and the painting class she is teaching at Columbia. Her students were all very nice and it was really inspiring to see them learning how to paint. Makes me miss painting.

Tonight we had dinner with Aaron at Markt, the only place with a dutch menu in NYC. Lekker frietjes. They have leffe blond and dark on tap. Why don't they call it brunette?

Can hardly believe tomorrow is already Friday. This weekend I am going to be a student at SVA. I've signed up for an Adobe Illustrator workshop.

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