Dance fever

Saturday night we were invited to a delicious dinner at Nick and Isabelle's house. They are such great cooks. There were even two kinds of enchiladas. We enjoyed playing a balderdash type game with phrases/sayings. After that the music came on and Robin and Colm showed us all some dance steps - the two step, the waltz, and the swing. What fun! Erik and I have never taken a dance lesson and this was a great introduction. Now hopefully I can expand my choreographed dance moves beyond the electric slide.

Speaking of things from high school, three friends from my h.s. recently emailed me through myspace. It is funny to see pictures of them now "all grown up". That was already 7 years ago. I wonder who all will have kids at the ten year reunion? Scary.

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Isabelle and Nick! said...

Erik and Jenny rock the dance floor!