Saturday Continued

Yesterday we met up with Darla at the Moma to see the new architecture in Spain exhibit as well as the Edward Munch show. I highly recommmend both, especially the architecture show which was very interesting and well designed. Such a variety in the models–some used wood, others foam board, and one Christmas lights. An unexpected plus to the show was seeing Ed Norton walking around. He was very regular looking. Bought some great notecards at the gift shop by this "icon" artist
who created the classic watch, bomb, and smiling mac logos.

Met up with Josephine afterwards on the Upper West Side. She rode her pink Brompton bike down and Erik and I took turns test riding it. It biked great and has an ingenius folding system. I am on the lookout for a folding bike. We had a delicious Italian dinner and wonderful conversation. We ate outside which was a first for the year. We were hoping to go home after that and then head back in the city to meet up with Darla at the Hotel Gansevoort for a party. No surprise that as soon as we got home we realized we were too pooped to go back out and decided to stay in. What we did not expect was that the two cups of coffee we each had earlier would keep us up so late. I couldn't fall asleep until 4:30 am! I killed the time by looking at hundreds of apartments on Craigslist (pathetic since we aren't even moving).

1. Plants on the Deck
2. Chris, our Christmas tree on the left
3. Max getting his first day of sun
4. Me and Josephine on the UWS
5. Josephine with her one of her new paintings (that I love!) in her studio

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