Happy 25th Kathy!

Last night Kathy (photo I found of her online above) and I celebrated her 25th birthday with a dinner at Friend of a Farmer. We took advantage of the nice weather by eating outside. Delicious steak, peach ice cream and some red wine that made both of our eyes a little smaller. Amazing to think we've already been friends since we were 18. Kathy was my dorm roommate freshman year and one of my first NYC friends. A funny coincidence was that Erik was having drinks with Joana and Michael at La Quinta on 32nd street. After a while they got hungry and decided to head down to Shake Shack. It happened to be closed when they got there, so he calls me around that time to say they are heading over to Pete's Tavern which was right across the street from where we were. Of all of the places to end up across the street from one another!

Tonight we finally made it to the Greenpoint eatery "The Queen's Hideaway". It is only a block from our house and we have been meaning to check it out after reading a review of it in New York many months ago. Great atmosphere, and a very cozy space.

Is it a bad thing that I am writing so much about restaurants?

Last Tuesday we went to see Three Penny Opera with friends from work. It was a really fun show. All of the singers sounded great and it was wonderful to see Alan Cumming. He even had his own "Cumming" perfume for sale there. Hate to think of what that smells like.

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