Today we were invited to a family lunch with Isabelle and Nick at their Uncle Colm's and Aunt Robin's house. It was really nice to spend Easter with a family and such a nice one on top of that. It means a lot to us to feel welcomed when our families live so far away. We dyed eggs, ate ham, and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather.

Went home to finish the taxes. HandR block was not budging and their interface was annoying to use. When it calculated our state it said we owed an additional $750. Decided that would just not do and put all of our info into Turbo Tax instead. We ended up getting a refund! It's not huge, but I think we want to put it towards this couch we saw at Design Within Reach.

1. Easter eatin'
2. DWR couch we are hoping to buy sometime in the near futuree


H3NR7 said...

Really nice couch. The I.R.S. is going to find it comfy when they audit you.

Jenny + Erik said...

Don't say the "A" word!