No Mets

Yesterday we had tickets to the Mets vs. Marlins game thanks to David at work. It was raining like crazy when we woke up but decided around noon that we would try and make it there since the weatherman said it would clear up. Wow, was it freezing and wet outside! We arrived at our gate entrance, had our bags searched, and were just about to go through when the guy gets a message on his walkie-talkie "The GAME IS CANCELLED!!" Turned right back to the 7 train and headed home. I don't think we would have survived 3+ hours in that cold anyway. The rain date for the game is July 8th. Took a much needed nap at home and when we woke up the rain was gone.

Cat update: Bought the kitties a new cardboard scratcher with "Krazy" catnip. They had scratched the previous one to cardboard mush. It's hilarious that the catnip comes in a little plastic baggie.


Anonymous said...

What about later in the day when you went to your awesome friends' house and ate awesome food and danced the night away? Huh? Huh?!?!

Jenny + Erik said...

Don't worry... that lovely dinner was not forgotten. just a post in progress. :)