At home and my magazines

Home sick today. Ate what I thought was delicous Korean food last night, but not so sure about it today. Especially not when I woke up and felt so bad. Hope that I am not getting a cold or flu.

Erik's older sister Amke and her husband Niels are visiting this week with his parents. They bought the new Michelin restaurant guide for NY (had the Korean place listed). What an amzing guide. I like it so much more than Zagat. Zagat infuriates me with its "overuse of quotations" and "silly numbering system". It seems that Michelin only has really good restaurants listed and that's what I am usually going for when I take the time to browse through a guide.

It is strange to be at home on a weekday. The apartment is so quiet, the sounds outside are different, and I finally see how the cats spend their "work week". Basically the same as the weekend: lots of sleeping, looking cute and begging for food. Max and Meisje have such different personalities. Max loves to sleep on top of my pillow, while Meisje likes to crawl under the covers or hide right next to the heater on the floor. They have done really well with guests lately. No presents in the bathtub.

I was happy to see my New York Magazine had arrived in the mail this afternoon. The "Forever Youngish" article features photograph from the great Dutch team that put together the book Exactitides. Their website has all of the pages from the book. I love their simple layout and photography and the the variety of style/group collections they have found. I think it is such a wonderful record of fashion and culture today. NY Mag is the best. It is beautifully designed with the great articles and makes me feel more in touch with the city I live in.

Aside from NY Mag, I also subscribe to Everyday FOOOD (to pretend I can cook) , REAL SIMPLE (for my OCD side), EYE Magazine, Aperture, and also an 8 week free trial subscription to US (thank you Best Buy). My Budget Travel subscription should also be arriving soon. I am a magazine junkie. I love nothing more than taking a trip to B&N and grabbing a huge stack of magazines to devour (and then not buy) over coffee. I saw recently that Martha (you know which one) is coming out with a new magazine called "Blueprint". Looks like it will be a good one. Where will I find room for all of these magazines? I try and cut out my favorite articles and I have even made a binder with SELF magazine workouts, but even that takes up room.

I am posting some photos of our apartment. We did a major cleaninig and reorganizing recently and I am really happy with the result. Half of the furniture in our apartment is from IKEA and the other half is great street finds or hand-me-downs. The former tenants left us a desk, bookcase, and dresser for the inside and a table for the deck (not pictured, looks to wintery now). The two purchases we were most excited about are the IKEA Pax wardrobe and the 4 drawer filing cabinet from staples. I have no idea how we will ever be able to move these!

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H3NR7 said...

New York magazine is one of my favorites.
Your place looks so cozy and put together. You should enter it in the Apartment Therapy Smallest, Coolest Apartment Contest. You already have the photos.