manic monday

Erik and I were both so busy today. I think it is that we are trying to finish everything before our trip (thursday!), but we are realizing this might not be possible. I spent most of the weekend on freelance work constructing this large presentation board for textile swatches. It was hard work (having not really done any kind of book-binding or construction in the last year), but it turned out nice. This morning I noticed the board had warped a little, so I laid it on the carpet and placed heavy books to get the warp out. At the end of the day I went to take off the books and they were wet! WTF? The stupid heater had leaked onto the books and onto to my painstakingly constructed boards. It took a lot not to cry, but luckily after further inspection the damage was not so horrible. I'll need to cover one with paper.

A big highlight of the weekend was seeing Mesure for Pleasure at the Public Theater. It was really fun, witty, and raunchy. And it had all of this on top of great costumes and english accents! It is funny that I went to school for four years right next to the Public Theater and I had never been there. I guess either Cooper Union was very demanding, or I was just broke?

The biggest highlight though was yesterday when Isabelle asked me to be one of her bride's maids. I am honored and thrilled. I can't think of a better couple to get married. Nick and Isabelle's wedding will be in Baltimore in October.

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