Late and still awake

Really enjoyed watching the Oscars last Sunday. The dresses were pretty demure with the exception of one great marigold, saffron number. I tied for the office Oscar pool with Olga and won $30! Too bad I just spent $60 on a new spring outfit at H&M. I sure hope it will be warm enough this weekend to pull out the short pants (aka capris).

The exciting news of today was that someone on Readerville liked my Almond Picker cover enough to write about it. What a nice surprise. This really put a smile on my face.

Henry helped show me some html things today, so I can dress up the blog a bit with links and photos. Thanks for your help Henry! My very first experience with the internet was in high school when some other students were putting up a website for the Visual Arts Program. I had never used the web before and was baffled by this instant messaging thing everyone was talking about, but somehow I managed to get a painting of mine online. This website is a riot. Love the 90s goth look.

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