Good day to start blogging again

Since the New Year, we have been busy with guests and traveling and working hard. Marijke (erik's sis) and Silvia (her friend) visited us for ten days in February. We had a lot of fun exploring NY and Greenpoint and seeing Avenue Q. Oh, and we had that one day blizzard (see photos).

Tonight I am very excited to see a new episode of LOST. Finally we will find out what happened to Claire! I felt very tricked last week when I came home thinking there would be a new episode, but soon realized the scenes looked a little too familiar..

In two weeks (yes only two weeks!!) Erik and I will be taking our first trip to San Francisco together. Since we got married in July of 2004, we have not had a chance to take a vacation for ourselves. All of our family lives far away, so it wasn't that we didn't travel. I guess this will be our delayed honeymoon?! I have five guidebooks at home (some I will return when I've jotted down the good stuff). I've heard so many wonderful things about San Francisco. Many people have said that it is like New York, but it doesn't have the things that you don't like about NY. For me, that would be the shitty weather, like yesterday, and the L train not running on the weekends. Don't think they have an L train there!

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H3NR7 said...

OHMIGOD! You posted.
I recorded LOST but I still need to watch it. My DVR is full.
I like your new template. Especially the sidebar.