What the L

So, no L train this weekend or last weekend or next weekeend. I don't know why the MTA can't wait and do this one man computer conductor business until the weather is warm enough to walk around instead of taking the train? Aside from needing to take it into the city, I don't really miss the L. It often feels like a hipster fashion show with the platform as a catwalk. And in the mornings it is so crowded that you have to assault people just to get in the train.

On a lighter note, did anyone see Natalie Portman last night on SNL? I really liked her Jamba Juice skit. It was so much like the Jamba on 5th Ave near work. The funniest was when Seth Meyers was about to crack up along with Horatio and Natalie.

Who is this "fall out boy"? Didn't like them at all. Too ADD high school for me. Since I don't have MTV and don't listen to the radio, I am pretty out of the loop about new bands and music. I enjoy things this way, beccause I am not influenced by a band's popularity or lack of. I just like what I like. There's a budweiser commercial on TV now (the one with all of the crowns formed from different objects... total ripoff of the cingular bars idea, but anywho..) and I really like the song in the background. Very danceable, easy lyrics. I think they just repeat "Don't Hold Back" over and over. Erik and I were at a bar last weekend wwhen this song came on and we started to dance in our barstools.

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