Darla's 29th Birthday

Last night we went to Satsko on East 7th street to celebrate our friend Darla's 29th birthday. The place was pretty small, so by the end of the night you were either with the party or had somehow managed to join the party. The sake was delicious and Erik and I were both surprised that we liked it. The only other time I've had sake I thought that it tasted like feet (not that I know what feet taste like) and had not given it a second chance. Well... Here's to second chances.

This morning we watched Fever Pitch. Don't really recommend it. I had always liked Jimmy Fallon on Saturday Night Live, but this movie shows that the boy cannot act for his life. The lines were all bad. There were a few scenes that made Erik turn to me and say "See that. She left work early to see a baseball game with him" and then five minutes later I'd turn to him "See that. She left him because he loved baseball more than her." He likes to tease me about my lack of sports interest, but I am slowly coming around. I went to three Yankee's games last season.

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H3NR7 said...

I can't say I love sake. It's kinda like water to me. Meaning, I'm not sure if I really notice I'm drinking anything that suppose to be anymore special than a small glass of water. But put it in front of me and I'll drink it. Kanpai!
I also saw a Drew Barrymore movie this morning. 50 First Dates. I enjoyed it as much as I could. I was surprised how sad short term memory could be.