Poor Max

Last night as we were going to bed Max let out this paniccy meow from the kitchen. It sounded like he was trapped or being attacked. We both ran to him and luckily he was fine. We were confused. But this morning he had trouble pooping and could only get out a very small amount (which we all know he eats more than that). And then he dropped another larger one on the carpet. His butt is red :(
I've read some kitty websites that say canned pumpkin will help him go. I think we'll try that today. It is really the worst timing since we are both swamped with work and freelance and then we leave for SF Thursday. I hate the idea of leaving him when he might be sick, especially because our absence might make him more stressed

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H3NR7 said...

Max looks like he was on a diet in the 2nd photo.