Friday and 70º

Love Fridays. Today is a big moment. I will be wearing my first skirt of the seaon. Today is the day I will be asked if I am weaing tights because my legs are so white. I should ask the question to someone who's been to the tanning bed, only, "Are you wearing panty hose? Because your legs are so orange." I don't think that comment would go over well. The weekend ahead looks busy and fun-filled. Friday - Poker at Henry's, Sat - trip to see Josephine's open studios at Columbia, Sunday - Try on bridemaids dresses with Isabelle and her sisters. Hopefully between all of this we can watch some of these Netflix that we have had far too long. I thought I wanted to see Gone with the Wind, but I just keep ignoring it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny+Erik! I am so glad you wrote such an elaborate story on your experience in SF! And to bump into Josephine, too! We need to catch up sometime! Once it gets warmer and we can both wear skirts lol ... And Erik, how are you doing? Was the food good for you, too? If you're offended by the "European" food, you can always make fun of our "American" food of super-size non-nutritional proportions! lol ... I hope to see you soon, as well!

Love to the both of you!